Our finished beef short ribs after applying our techniques of adding rub and cooking on the gas grill with wood chunks. Oh so yummy!

Our finished beef short ribs after applying our techniques we describe in this blog


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Of all the cuts of ribs, this is likely my favorite. Found between the 6th and the 10th ribs of the animal, the meat on these ribs lays on top of the bones rather than between them like with back ribs. Short ribs require a method of cooking that will allow them to tenderize as they have a lot more meat, fat, connective tissue and flavor than pork ribs. Because of all that fat and connective tissue, beef short ribs need to be cooked to an internal temperature of 200°F.

Today, I’m going to cook my beef short ribs on the gas grill using an indirect method of cooking and wood chunks to bring great smoke flavor.


Smoking of Spring onions brings a new flavor when you add to a pancake for Spring onion pancake

Smoking of Spring onions for a spring onion pancake.

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Spring onion is now in season and ready for all your great recipes calling for green onion or chives. Today, we’re going to bring an extra flavor level to this favorite seasonal onion by smoking it first and then incorporating it into a savory “pancake” recipe.