Our Art rendition of the steps in making the Smokey Jack Frost Cocktail

Our Art rendition of the steps in making the Smokey Jack Frost Cocktail


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Also known as the winter piña colada, the Jack Frost cocktail is perfect for introducing a little smoke flavor to. If you like sweet, smooth cocktails, then the Jack Frost is for you. I’ll give you the recipe and the easy technique for smoking the entire drink that you’ll enjoy sipping all winter long. Pick your favorite festive cocktail glass and let’s take Jack Frost to the smoky side.


We did a smoky whiskey cocktail with a sparkling twist!

We did a smoked whiskey cocktail with a sparkling twist!


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I’m bringing you another smoked cocktail that is deep in flavor and suited for those who like hearty cocktails. For this cocktail, I’ll be adding even a deeper flavor to the whiskey by cold smoking it with a handheld food smoker. A rich syrup is made first and then added to our cocktail that can be served hot or cold. Perfect, either way, to warm you up on cold winter days!


We love this Winter cocktail, because of its smoky twist!

We love this Winter cocktail, because of its smoky twist! Simple ingredients and easy to mix.


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As we wait for warmer days, I have a perfect winter cocktail that will make you content as you bear the cold. Featuring just 4 ingredients, I’m taking a single ingredient and cold smoking it to give a smoky flavor. We’ll use a handheld food smoker for a quick, easy means of infusing the smoke flavor.


Smoke trapped in the bottle infusing the Smoked Maple Syrup Marinade

Smoke trapped in the bottle infusing the Smoked Maple Syrup Marinade

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A point that I regularly try to drive home is that when it comes to smoking foods and ingredients, it doesn’t have to be the traditional items thought of. A great example of this is our Dijon Maple Marinade recipe that is especially good with pork.

When you don’t want to smoke the actual protein, think about smoking another ingredient that will be married to the pork. For me, that was the maple syrup I use in my marinade recipe. I’ll review for you the cold smoking technique for this and then provide my recipe for this great marinade that can be used on fish, chicken, turkey, pork, and goat.


Serve this smoked simple syrup cocktail up or down, either way a nice smoky tasty bourbon cocktail


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We’ve always tried to stress that smoking doesn’t necessarily have to involve the entire item but rather you can simply smoke one component. That’s just what we are doing with our latest smoked cocktail.


The serving picture of our SPICY BUTTER FOR SMOKY GRILLED CORN- try this!

The serving picture of our SPICY BUTTER FOR GRILLED CORN- Try This!


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Corn is one of those vegetables that has an extended season to allow you to do all kinds of recipes and techniques. Given that there are times when you frankly don’t have a lot of time to stand over a grill to do whole ears of corn, I’m giving you an easy technique to add smoke flavor using a handheld food smoker. Then, I’ll give you a recipe for a spicy butter to coat the corn in to bring out the best in this seasonal vegetable. I’ll also provide some flavor pairings that work great for other butter topping recipes. Go visit your favorite corn seller and pick up some fresh corn.

Spicy Butter for Grilled Corn- Prep

I’ve purchased 6 ears of corn and have boiled them in water until tender, which is the most traditional way of cooking corn. I allow them to cool enough to handle, then using a sharp knife, I stand the ear of corn on its wide end and cut the kernels from the cob into a disposable foil pan. If you cook the corn and then refrigerate it prior to removing the kernels, know that the kernels will not come off individually but as one long strand. Don’t worry about reducing these strands as when we add the butter topping, it will break down the kernels. Next, I’ll be taking the fresh kernels to the smoke using the Breville-PolyScience The Smoking Gun Pro Smoke Infuser which is a cold smoke application anyone can do!

Spicy Butter for Grilled Corn- Cold Smoke Infusion

smoke infusing the corn

If you’re familiar with The Smoking Gun™ note that the version I’m using was a collaboration between Breville and PolyScience, the originator of the concept, and designed specifically for commercial use. It is manufactured from heavier materials and can stand independently while you work the smoke vapor production.

I’ve gathered together my pan of previously cooked corn kernels, the handheld food smoke infuser, SmokinLicious® Minuto® wood chips in size #8, a lighter, a plastic food bag, and a cable tie. After sliding my corn pan into the plastic bag, I place a pinch or two of the wood chips in the unit’s bowl, extend the smoking tube into the plastic bag, Then pinch off the end of the bag around the tube, and lite the chips.

Tasting Notes: You may select any hardwood microchip for the smoking but do note that this infuser produces a lot of smoke vapor. I tend to recommend using light to medium boldness levels of hardwood: Ash, Maple, Cherry.

After placing the corn pan in the plastic bag and lighting the chips with the handheld food infuser, I synch the bag’s end tightly around the tubing. This allows me to trap all the smoke vapor in the bag and surround the corn. Once filled – the bag will expand – I turn off the smoker, remove the tubing, and attach a cable tie to the bag’s end. I prefer to wait until the smoke vapor has dissipated from the bag. That’s when I cut the tie and remove the corn tray from the bag. Time to take this to the kitchen and make a spicy butter for the fresh, smoked corn.

Spicy Butter for Grilled Corn- More Recipes

Time to share my recipe for a spicy butter that works perfectly with the sweetness of the corn.

First, melt 1-1/2 sticks of butter over medium heat. Add 2 tablespoons chili-garlic sauce, 2 tablespoons Chipotle Chili pepper, 2 tablespoons lime or lemon juice, and 1 tablespoon Hoisin sauce. Whisk together, then remove from heat. This will be poured directly over the smoked corn and reheated until warmed through. Serve immediately.

There are so many options for corn that it depends if you want a spicy flavor, sweet, savory, or citrus. In addition to the spicy butter recipe I provided, here are some other flavor combinations that work just as well:


Our smoky bourbon cranberry cocktail sit elegantly on our silver tray and perfect for holiday celebrations during the colder months.

Smoky bourbon cranberry cocktail is a simple but elegant drink for holiday celebrations during the colder months.


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For those of you who love bourbon, we’ve got a special cocktail for the sampling. This is a rather festive drink containing cranberry. We add an additional layer of flavor by cold smoking the cranberry cocktail syrup for a unique blend of sweet, tart, and smoky. Let’s get started on how it’s done.

Smoky Bourbon Cranberry Cocktail- Making Cranberry Syrup

Our smoked bourbon cranberry cocktail starts with the ingredients for a cocktail syrup. Similar to traditional simple syrup, this one has a bit more acid in the form of white wine vinegar. You’ll need to gather together:

  • 1 cup of fresh or frozen cranberries
  • 1 cup of white wine vinegar
  • Sugar- 1 cup

You also need a saucepan and heat tolerant spoon.

Start by placing a saucepan over medium-high heat. Add the white wine vinegar and the cup of sugar and stir to dissolve the sugar. Next in, one cup of cranberries, fresh or frozen, though I’m using fresh as they are available at the time of this recipe. Bring the mixture to a boil stirring constantly. Once the sugar is dissolved and the cranberries have reduced, remove from the heat and allow to cool in the saucepan. While the mixture is cooling, let’s prepare the handheld smoker for the smoke vapor infusion.

Cold Smoking is in Your Hand

It’s never been so easy to produce smoked ingredients with the development of the handheld food smoker. It all began with The Smoking Gun which is the unit I will be using today, but know there are many options available to you. I set up my handheld food smoker with Sugar Maple Minuto® Wood Chips.

Bringing the cooled saucepan to a table, I have a piece of press and seal at the ready, but you can use plastic wrap, a food storage bag, or vacuum bag, anything that will provide a seal. I seal around the saucepan leaving a small opening to insert the tubing of the food smoker. Turning the unit’s fan on, I light the wood chips and allow the smoke vapor to fill the saucepan. Once filled, I release the tubing from the pan and seal the pan completely with the wrap, allowing the smoke to penetrate the cranberry syrup. The longer the pan stays wrapped, the more smoke flavor the syrup will take on. Once infused, remove the wrap and prepare to make the cocktail.

Smoky Bourbon Cranberry Cocktail- Building a Smoky Cocktail

To make the cocktail, place ice in a rock glass. Add ¼ cup plus a splash of your favorite bourbon. Add two tablespoons of seltzer and two tablespoons of the cranberry syrup. Stir and add a tablespoon of fresh cranberries. It’s now ready to serve! Smoky Bourbon Cranberry Cocktail – a unique drink for all those bourbon lovers you know.

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Dr Smoke- "This is a must try drink for the cold holiday celebrations!"

Dr Smoke- “This is a must try drink for the cold holiday celebrations!”