Our charwood product is manufactured under the centuries old method of direct firing for use as a flavorful grilling wood.

Our charwood product is manufactured under the centuries old method of direct firing for use as a flavorful grilling wood.

CHARWOOD Grilling Wood

Whether you prefer a wood-fired oven, grill, or smoker, efficiency should be the key consideration. Higher quality materials, insulation, heat retention, and radiant heat, result in more efficient function of the appliance. Likely the most important consideration though, is the type of grilling wood you plan to use in the appliance. That is where efficiency takes on a whole new meaning.

Cooking on an appliance with thin metal walls and without appropriate insulation means valuable heat is lost to the air. In the long run, that means more expense to you as you will have to keep adding fuel during the course of the cooking process. Cookers with well insulated heavy metal, brick, clay, or ceramic housing retain the radiant heat which results in better cooking outcome and less fuel cost.

So why do we call our product Charwood? In short, because our product is not standard charcoal. Our method of production is based on the Japanese direct method which removes pyroligneous acid during the charcoal making process. The difference is, when burning, there are almost no stimulating smells or smoke. We produce our Charwood in small batches, carbonizing at temperatures between 400 and 700 degrees Celsius. The Charwood is then smothered using a non-chemical procedure to cool it down. Plus, we produce a wood specific charwood for those that understand that every component used in wood-fired grilling, smoking, and cooking affects the outcome of overall taste in the food. As with ALL our products, we manufacture our Charwood Grilling wood with premium, heartwood that is 100% bark-free, not from recycled or waste wood by-products.

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  • “Outstanding, as always from you guys! To be honest, we ventured from the products in search of something cheaper and more easily accessible. Big mistake on our part!!! We are back to your product, for good!” Don W. – Virginia
  • Dr. Smoke: I called your Smoke Line a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving for some advice on which wood to try this year with an 8 lb Turkey breast and for some general tips for the gas grill smoking. You recommended using Sugar Maple Wood Chips and provided some great tips for a novice smoker (cook times, amount of chips needed, when to stop adding chips, etc.). With a little sage butter under the skin, some Sugar Maple Wood Chips, and about 2 hours at 350 degrees, we had the most flavorful and juicy Thanksgiving turkey ever. While we weren’t smoking in the traditional way, the results were nonetheless fantastic! Even non-turkey eaters were loving it. Thanks again for the advice!” Mike T.White Plains, NY”
  • Just thought I would drop you a note to let you know how HAPPY I am with your products. My family and friends look forward to whatever I will be cooking with tongues hanging and drool running down their chins. I have been using the wild cherry on chicken and pork, the sugar maple on pork, the red oak on lamb and beef, and the alder wood on salmon, tilapia, cod, etc. I have been cooking Texas style barbeque and the results are FANTASTIC!” Tony O.
  • I had ordered 1 cubic foot of your wood and I just wanted to say that it was perfect. All the information on moisture really helped. The chunks were the right size and added an awesome flavor to my food. My 2 year old nephew loved the way his first steak tasted over the wood! I cannot wait to order more from you in the future. Thanks H. C.”
  • The quality of the wood from SmokinLicious® is beyond my expectations, but their customer service is even better. Their rep Donna went above & beyond to make sure my order was sent promptly & correctly. Very professional. You have a customer for life. Thank you, Alex – Orlando, FL”
  • I wanted to let you know that we received our wood on Saturday (just as I had hoped) and I used some Hickory yesterday for ribs and chicken and the wood was wonderful! just like our first order. We love it! Thank you! Clayton H.
    Nashville, TN

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